happy happy holidays

冬至 + Merry Christmas!

happy happy holidays

Happy Holidays! It’s been snowing and storming (of various types) here in BC. We went out there and played and also stayed stuck at home. Consumed copious amounts of hot chocolate and coffee and baked goods. Mostly baked by me.

It’s Christmas Day now, and we were like… speedrunning the unwrapping presents part of our morning. We made pancakes after, and then resumed our usual chaotic task-completing. Preparation for the neighbourly dinner and random other chores. I figured that I’d write my belated post while my loaf bakes… I don’t really know what to say though.

I like to give presents because I like to see people be happy. Getting them is awkward because I don’t know what to do with myself. Like, inwardly I am surprised or excited, but out loud I just sound sleepy and mildly amused at best. It’s been a while since I’ve actually celebrated Christmas, so it’s fun regardless. My overthinking is the usual. No reflections this year.

I also have an idea for next year’s posts. Maybe I’ll move to taking more photos. I think I’m temporarily done with words. That’s all for now.

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