Instead of making new resolutions and screaming about how stagnant I am, I will compile the resolutions from previous years. I will also hopefully make as few comments as I can, because I don’t really feel like getting into the past.


1. Stop eating like 10 chocolates a day. 5 is ok.
2. Don’t do regretful things in the middle of the week (aka not Tuesday-Thursday).
3. Take better care of your physical form.
4. …and mental form.
5. Become more motivated.
6. Make less excuses, stop attributing actions to some irrelevant cause.
7. Be nice. 🙁

This one’s an exception since it’s last year, so I’ll actually do a review. 1. I think I did eat less chocolate than last year, although there’s no way of telling whether I did or not. 2. I also cannot remember whether I did regretful things in the middle of the week, but I probably did, since I am constantly regretting. 3. No, not really. 4. Also no, not really. 5. I am motivated by fear and spite. So, no. 6. I cannot comprehend this statement, but all things considered, I do blame myself, so I’m not sure if that’s an excuse or just being self-absorbed. Anyway. 7. I wasn’t really nice.

Well, that’s done. 2017 was pretty unremarkable. Nothing stood out, but when I read through my journal and blog posts… there’s been a lot of good days. But nothing was extraordinary. I think that’s good, though, especially after the last few years. Sometimes, nothing is good.


1. Create ambition.
2. Find motivation.
3. Act less on impulse.
4. Look for opportunities.
5. Maintain work effort !
6. Develop a distinct style.
7. Write more!


1) Be (more) open to opportunities.
2) Squirrels.
3) Sleep more.
4) Work hard in a certain area and maintain that level of effort.
5) Draw. Stuff. Make it beautiful.
6) Self-esteem??????
7) Meddle less in other people’s affairs. Care less, basically.
8) (it’s a face lol) Find an interest? Better if it’s a common one.
9) Try to be less scared of change.
10) Do whatever I want. Within reason. I know my reason…s.


1) Grow in the third dimension or something.
2) Cut my hair again maybe lmao.
3) Do something cool.
4) Draw better.
5) Make frieeeeendsssssssss.
6) No, seriously.
7) Get to level 200 on Candy Crush. At least.
8) Party hard.
9) Write cooler.
10) I mean, better.
11) Selfies skills must improve.
12) Stop nailbiting PFFFT.
13) <smile>
14) Figure something out.


1) Update my blog with more . . . interesting/meaningful/worthwhile-to-read stuff.
2) Use my Fanfiction and DeviantART accounts more. Since once I’m 13, I can. (:
3) Create more memories to hide away for next year.
4) THE PROJECT. Acts I, II, and III, if there is one.
5) Depend on people less.
6) Voice my opinions . . . more?
7) Read actual books, not mangas or fanfiction.
8) Don’t change too much. (Easy, easy)
9) Anything seriously important/personal I need to do before June 2013 . . . let me get back to you on this one.


1. Be more, I dunno, independent. At school.
2. Get better at multiples, factors, prime and composite, dividing and multipying decimals…
3. Use my money.


1. Eat more controllably.
2. Be nice to Gloria.
3. Help mom out more more (or dad)
4. Be unique at home or school.
5. Don’t be shy.
6. Keep the resolutions.
7. Not forget to write my blog.
8. Be less psycho.
9. Be daring.
10. Clean room once each month.
11. Complete list and smile!!!
12. Learn to write with left hand (like a 3rd grader)


1. Speak more in class and in public (I know it’s a little late but, still)
2. Write in my blog more, which I’m doing, so YAY!
3. Drink more water, eat disgusting veggies, you know, eating healthier.
4. Put decimals in my head forever.
5. Talk to both grandparents on phone longer and more.
6. Be better at Social Studies.
7. Pass Grade 4.
8. Be ten years old**
9. Learn to cook Chinese stuff.
10. To not be bossy (NOT THAT I ACTUALLY AM!!!).

In conclusion, I can say that I am a very enthusiastic person, but I never actually do anything. It’s been 8 years of resolutions, and all that happened is that I became less obvious, and I’m not grade 4, and I have a little brother, and my sister is meaner to my brother than I am to her. I don’t seem any closer to being an adult, either.

1. The taste of bitter and the feeling of empty is alright.
2. Remember things you want to remember, and don’t worry too much.

More of a reminder than a resolution, but the main idea is that these are things I should keep in mind this year. Better safe than sorry, and better late than never.

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