2017 resolutions

Quick post/comprehensible reiteration of basically every post I’ve made this year:

  1. Stop eating like 10 chocolates a day. 5 is ok.
  2. Don’t do regretful things in the middle of the week (aka not Tuesday-Thursday).
  3. Take better care of your physical form.
  4. …and mental form.
  5. Become more motivated.
  6. Make less excuses, stop attributing actions to some irrelevant cause.
  7. Be nice. 🙁

I’m not even sure if these are just… things I should do, or things I’m actually going to work for. Since I’ve written them down I suppose I’ll do it. Notice how there is nothing related to “opportunities” or “impulse” or even “mistakes” in here. Because despite it all, I’m still here and I’m still sugar-high.

Anyhow, school starts in… a day, so I’ll pretend not to procrastinate. Until then.

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