2016 resolutions

Quick resolutions regarding present, past, and future.

  1. Create ambition.
  2. Find motivation.
  3. Act less on impulse.
  4. Look for opportunities.
  5. Maintain work effort !
  6. Develop a distinct style.
  7. Write more!

Even if the resolutions from previous years have not been properly met, or completed, I believe that I have tried my best in every situation presented throughout the year, ultimately leading to a sense of achievement by December.

…or something. Anyway, school resumes in 3 days. I will continue to direct my attention to it, and hopefully update soon!

Until then.


  1. […] This is the post. I’m not sure what I meant by ambition, but I probably still don’t have any; nor have I found any motivation. Apparently my goals are unrealistic (and here I thought they were low enough. Anyway). Impulsive decisions are a part of my personality, but I think that may be linked to the next bullet point: in which case I’m definitely implying something. Either way, yes I was very impulsive, and yes I took advantage of nicely set up situations to do what I wanted to do (No, it’s not sketchy). Work effort and writing and style: also no, not really. Makes me wonder what I did do all year, aside from going against what I should do. […]

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