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好久不见,有点不好意思。Once again putting two posts into one. I definitely have to make it up by the end of the year (just so the annual post count can be a nice round number), but I don’t really know what I’m going to write about. Maybe I’ll actually post all the pictures from my backlog.

Anyway. I’m sitting on the stage of my brother’s school’s gym at at 8AM because there’s volleyball practice, and he wanted me to come watch. I figured I’d at least get some things done while here early. It’s been… kind of crazy-busy lately. I also got my flu and Covid shots (as well as my cramps) on the same weekend, so I was pretty much just a gelatinous mass on the couch. I went around the city doing Various Things and it was fun! Let’s sum it up as briefly as I can before we get into the main topic:

October: Gloria turned 20! She’s my baby sister!! I took like ten minutes out of our mall trip to get a fifth piercing (it’s healing nicely so I may get another one sooner than I thought), and we eat a lot. We watched a lot of movies. Farewell My Concubine is so good, truly a spiritual experience. We had kids over for fun, and then Halloween! Gloria and I supervised Gabriel and his friends, and in the daytime, I dressed up real dumb for school.

November (thus far): Steadily getting colder, with a solid temperature of zero entire degrees this morning. Gabriel and I got haircuts, vaccinations, mysterious bruises and cuts, and gelato. School is tough for all kids (including 20-year-old kids), and I use a lot of lotion.

Right. Cool. Okay. So what was I going to write about today?

I didn’t really want to do a mental check-in, but maybe a small one. I’m not exactly a happy guy even if I’m doing well, though I’d say I’m fairly comfortable. More so than last year and the past ten years, actually. I may not have a steady source of income nor a driver’s license, but I have my faculties mostly intact and I have my younger siblings as company.

So anyway! I want to try to draw more. I even got a display tablet to persuade myself to draw, though I’ve only used it as a lightbox to scan old negatives. Drawing is also going to be an integral part of my upcoming residency, so I’m going to have to get myself back into doing it daily (or as close to daily as possible) again. That’s it for now… I didn’t end up writing much but I will upload some photos eventually.

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