i’m thinking very hard


Oops. I’m not going to backdate this post because I believe in Transparency and Embracing One’s Mistakes, but know that I feel a bit guilty. I remembered I had a post to write last weekend, but then it was also Thanksgiving weekend and I was making food all afternoon… in the morning I went to watch a movie at the VIFF with Gloria, and then it was prepping for dinner. So here we are. It’s Thursday and I have a few minutes before lunch, where I have a little sort-of meeting. It’s been a hectic start to the school year in general. I’m not necessarily overworking myself, but the sheer drama of kids (and adults, to be honest) can be overwhelming.

Well, anyway. The flu took a lot out of me, by the way. Guess it’s my fault for not getting the shot all those years. When I was getting better I also went to see a concert. Fear and Dreams. I finally fulfilled my desperate grade 12 wish to see Eason live, and it was great like I had always imagined. Cute and wiggly and wholesome and spooky and bangin’ songs. The best. I felt happy for a while. Gloria also enjoyed it. We went to see two movies at the VIFF, which was fun, and there’s another one (part of their regular programming, I think) coming up this weekend. It’s an excuse to get out there and take a break from our usual responsibilities, which is nice. We’re watching Farewell My Concubine, which was another grade 11/12 obsession of mine. Gloria hasn’t seen it before, and it’s also the uncut version. Exciting.

It’s tough but I’m having fun. Hopefully everything will be fine. In the long run, yeah, probably, but I’m just hoping we can get through the day by day… and as long as I can help out one kid, it’ll be alright.

i’m thinking very hard

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  1. Anon

    Glad to hear that you’re doing alright. I hope you’ll continue to be met with good fortune, and sorry.

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