a brief hiccup


So I caught the flu, which truly brought me back into the elementary school life. Last week I went to meet the fresh kindergarten students and help the tiny kids learn how to cut. It was peaceful and healing. I went to my brother’s class after, and as I stood there, facing the windows, all congested and nasally, talking to his teacher… I had an incredible sense of deja vu. Or, I guess it wasn’t actually deja vu since I remembered almost immediately after, but it was weird. I felt very displaced.

I was both eleven years old in that very class talking to the same teacher, and also six years old in a different school a short bus ride away, waiting for the bell that would allow me to go home and blow my nose in peace. My mom used to force me to take naps whenever I was sick. In kindergarten I got the stomach flu and she let me play before sleeping, so I built a helicopter from the IKEA toolkit set. I brought it to my bunk and held onto it until I fell asleep (I think my mom put it away after, in case I dropped it).

Anyway, since being sick really messes with my entire brain (which is pretty messed up already), I don’t really remember what I did the past few weeks. I got my hair cut a little shorter, and bought some books. I went to the library, and also was a terribly nosy neighbour. I had brunch with Fiona last week, too, which was a fun detour from my usual struggle to get out of bed. I made brownies before I got the flu, and my brother got his trombone. It’s definitely a September.

Also, it’s Mid-Autumn this week. Happy Mooncake Day, and also Happy Sweeping-The-Front-Steps-Every-Morning Season. Exciting.

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