yet another limbo


Midnight, Matthew Wong, 2018. Taken at the AGO on April 18, 2022.

I think I want to make things I can hold right now. I’ve always made things that exist only on the internet, ever since I started drawing digitally in elementary school. I went from that to videos and text, but I’ve never made something I can physically grab and show off to people. I don’t if that will solve my lack of 成就感 or general lethargy (allergies may contribute to this latter part). I hope so. Even after my thesis exhibition, I haven’t felt anything other than relief and a mild sense of disappointment (not sure where it’s placed). Anyway, I bought some clay last week, so we’ll hopefully get to making a little something next week.

It has also been fairly chilly here, barely reaching the 20s… not that I’ve been going out much. I’m content with my homely self-cultivation. Though I think eventually I’ll go on solo outings. I like having some time just to zone out every once in a while, alone. Zero real thoughts.

Today’s photo is from the AGO. I actually went to see that specific exhibit twice, once in October 2021, then April this year. The second time I brought the Powershot camera to get some higher quality pictures. Which reminds me, I want to get some pictures actually printed. That’s another Thing I Could Hold.

That’s it for now. See you later.

(here’s a song: 拉面公子 Ramen Boy)

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