rainy atmosphere

Spotted on the whiteboard of my brother’s class.


Yesterday I went to my old Grade 6 class, where my brother currently attends Grade 6, to give a presentation on Art.

I’m not sure how it actually went, but I think it was alright. The kids want me to talk about anime (unsurprisingly) and how to draw, which is pretty fun. I went off on a few tangents because I got distracted by some things they said, which was surprising and nice. If not cool, they at least think I’m interesting. That’s good enough. My brother enjoyed it for sure, of course. He gets to have an afternoon where his sister gets to take over and rant about various things. For free, at school. My sister came in the afternoon after everything was done to pick us up/join in on the reunion LOL. It was nice and we were probably overstepping but it was nice. And also wild to come back to the school after 10 years.

So now I have to think about what to do for the anime presentation. Some kids mentioned they want to learn about character design and developing a style and like… how to move on from copying. I think I won’t do a PPT and instead make a folder of my old drawings and how they turned into what I draw now. A casual presentation for like 30 minutes, and then maybe I show my sketchbooks? Maybe have a demo of some sorts. Have them all create an OC. That’d be funny. To be honest, I don’t have that many actual OCs. None of them are ever named, either. I guess that’s just my style.

What else… I got my booster shot. I had a headache for a day but otherwise felt fine. My new med makes me dizzy and slightly more prone to headaches, which is annoying. I still have trouble sleeping and staying asleep, too. I have a doctor’s appointment in about 2 weeks so we’ll see then.

Anyway! I guess even though it’s been raining a lot and it’s dark and stuff, everything’s gonna be fun (?) and fine! It’s actually probably going to rain every day for the foreseeable future (weather app says next 10 days). See you later.

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