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Hello. I haven’t been up to a lot recently. I’ve been randomly baking which is both great but also depletes House Resources really quickly. The basement is finishing up soon and I’ve also been going to my old school to volunteer. Hang out with my brother and his class, mostly. Last time we talked about anime, and we drew chibis and my brother himself. It was funny, I think. Next week I gotta think of more manga and figure drawing things, and maybe start on a project. It’d be fun!

The next kinda important thing I have to do is get a haircut. I am long overdue for one, but every week I’m like… eh… it’s okay. I can live with it. Then I go outside and realize that it’s not okay at all, actually (I can’t see). Not much else this time. It’s getting cold and I’m still perpetually lethargic. How unfortunate!

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