november’s rain

It’s supposed to snow later (I saw a notification on my phone but reflexively swiped to dismiss it so I’m not sure if it said 2AM or 5AM), which I am not looking forward to. Actually, I’m not looking forward to anything in the upcoming 4 weeks! It’s the end of the semester and I truly wish to… sleep the whole month away. At some point, my avoidance and fear about the projects I have to do will turn into anger and determination, so I’ll probably be okay (maybe). Today is not the best example of that sort of ‘okay’, though: I got up at 1pm and left at 1:35pm for my class at 2pm. After, I went to the library to return a book (Gold Boy, Emerald Girl by Yiyun Li), then walked home. It was about 5:45pm when I got back, but I felt very sleepy so after an hour of messing about on my phone, I took a … 2-3 hour nap (not sure how long it was). At 10:45pm I ordered dinner and took a ten minute shower, and by 11:30pm I ate my burger. So: not great.

And I do not see it getting better from here. Possibly worse. Anyway, I’ll give a recap of my break activities:
– I went to the T&T finally and it is very tiny and full of people
– I got a haircut
– I went to the AGO with some friends
– One of my profs seem to think I have Potential (maybe)
– I barely slept because of some misguided attempt to capitalize on the time I thought I had but in reality there are still only 24 hours in a day and I spent all of it wasting away
– A friend from HS visited Toronto but we only got to meet on a rainy Sunday for 2ish hours. Kinda sad but I’m glad I got to see her, if only briefly

Last week was the first one back from break, but I uh.. wasn’t feeling great (physically) so I was unproductive. Now I can only rely on panic to pull me through the next … well, until January. Ciao.

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