A bit of a more personal (if that’s possible) post.

10 years of New Years’ Resolutions. It started as a grade 4 school assignment, and then became a sort of mini-tradition for myself. I would do a year in summary the day before New Year’s, then a post on resolving to be a better me. In the beginning I’d write things that I though I was supposed to write, like eating more veggies or improve in a certain school subject, or silly things like turning ten, which was a mostly inevitable thing. The last two years though, I haven’t really been keeping up with this tradition. Instead, I wrote little reminders that were either extremely vague or extremely practical, and were also applicable to Life in General Always, not just for this specific year as a goal.

Also, I’m the annoying type of person who doesn’t believe in Being a Better Person or any sort of improvement since I think that people can’t really change. Their personality and most inner, deep-rooted ways of thinking never change, despite how they may choose to display their beliefs and thoughts. So why should I bother pretending I can be a Good Person if I’ve never quite been able to truly be one? Plus, no one seems to be able to agree on what makes a truly good person.

Anyway, pessimism aside, 2019 was an eventful year. The summer itself felt like 3 separate years, and truthfully, I have no idea how I got here alive. I stayed in many different places, each place for less than four months, and met many new people. I hope I get to go on more adventures this year. Being busy is a lot better than being sad. The only thing is, this year I had to say goodbye more than previous years. It’s something I always was afraid of as a child. It’s also probably something that will never get easier, but that’s not going to stop me from adventuring.

Let’s check last year’s reminders:

  1. Remember what is important to you.
  2. Anything you do, do to the best of your ability at that time.
  3. Take your vitamins.

I do take relatively more vitamins than I did before, so I guess that’s a start. And in a way, some of my 2010 resolutions fit me better now. Specifically the cooking and eating ones, and living until my next birthday. As juvenile and silly it may seem, you never know what could happen.

One more reminder:

  • There’s a lot out there, and you’re not an outsider to it all.

Here’s a video I made this semester with my friend: self-directed.

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