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I finally opened my slab of paper-clay and I haven’t put it down since. I’ve made a couple of meaty torsos, some heads on cookie sticks, a few eyeballs now shiny with acrylic gloss, and finished my tiny FZD. He has a huge head and cannot stand. I learned that it takes a lot of patience and steadiness to make tiny things, and that it’d probably be easier for me and my subpar motor skills to make something bigger. The downside to that is that larger blocks of clay take much longer to dry, especially in this weather.

So I’m in the midst of a bunch of projects (or thoughts):

  • Clay + leftover acrylic paint – a person that can stand! It’s really just an experiment that I haven’t put the head on yet.
  • Clay + other stuff (whatever I’ve hoarded in the past few years) – making a person kneeling and looking distraught. Possibly putting a transparent base under.
  • Clay + wood + acrylic medium(s) – a somewhat Madonna-like figure… I started sketching this figure in university but never got to making it.
  • Useless repurposing of electronics + not being a person – another idea from last year. I was thinking about the strange feeling I had during VIS313 discussions, my friend asking me to participate in their show (which didn’t end up happening), silly kerfuffles online and between kids about identity, and wanting to be a computer.
  • Drawing garbage… continuing from the thesis project, but maybe with more elements (like other people, different paper, a different focal point entirely – ex. monotony, repetition, boredom, mania). Also, garbage.
  • A long skirt. For funsies!
  • Making small goals for the next 9 months, such as learning to drive and getting an old-ass minivan, making my presentation, scheduling meetings, making a school-year plan, and maybe exercising.

Hopefully I’ll finish some of these things by September. It might be easier if it’s a little less hot, though the weather forecast isn’t really making me all that hopeful. We’ll see. That’s how it goes.

My little guy with a panda and a pencil for scale.


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