dying recreation (it’s really hot)


Summer school is over for the little kids. That means I have time now to recombobulate myself and sleep in. It’s one of my many indulgences.

Last solar term, I wrote in my planning document that I had to write about one project. I don’t really remember much of my university projects anymore, honestly speaking. They’re supremely wordy and are representative of me and my life then, which is just as far away as it is too close to the present: I don’t know how to talk about them yet. So, we’ll talk about the things I’ve been mulling over and messing with lately.

I’m trying to find the fun of making things again, which is pretty easy when you’re in a well-furnished kindergarten classroom. It’s significantly harder when you go home and realize that there’s a million other pressings things to do, plus the fact that acquiring materials is a whole task too. During the afternoon sessions with the kids, I spent an hour making a little Kirby out of paper. The kids loved it. We also made structures from cardboard and random bits and pieces, which is always fun. I forget how fun it is just mucking about with materials. I never used to plan things, but now that’s all I ever do.

I’ve put aside the paints for a bit, and moved onto paper clay. I’m in the middle of making a small figure that will probably become a cute little guy. I also want to make a plushie, but I might just make do with modifying a template or base. I also haven’t drawn anything in a while and I’m really starting to feel the withdrawal symptoms. How strange! If I don’t draw I will get itchy, and if I do draw, I am often itchy.

I guess the current project is to make things for fun and become less itchy. It’s so hot these days that it’s almost impossible not to be itchy. I haven’t felt the rain in months…

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