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It’s a two-in-one in advance! Truly novel. I learned that 立春 will be the last term for this year, before the year of the dragon, so I guess there will be another post before I move to a different posting schedule. Coolios. So what have I been up to since last time?


  • Met up with friends and got some nice stuff on sale;
  • Went to IKEA for breakfast and bought a cart for my lil workshop area;
  • My sister’s friends came over and we played mahjong and watched table tennis;
  • Watched my mom build her LEGO wildflower set;
  • School started, so I was Back to the Grind;
  • Attended a meeting at the school I’ll be working at in Vancouver next month;
  • There was a brief moment of snowfall last Thursday, which was mostly okay;
  • Did a lot of kindergarten-related stuff;
  • Snowstorm;
  • Stayed at home for the past two days;
  • And as a result of wrestling my brother in the snow, making a snow-Venus-of-Willendorf, shovelling, and other snow related activities, got sick again.

I really don’t know what to say anymore. I’ve been sick once a month since September. That’s actually worrisome. I got the flu shot in addition to the Big Vaccine!! Why is this happening!!! I even started mildly exercising this month. I take vitamins and eat at least one solid meal a day. I sleep 6-8 every night. My mental health is also pretty good, I think… I’m not depressed right now, nor am I nervous all the time, and I definitely socialize enough.

Anyway, that’s the gist of my complaints today. Everything else has been alright so far. My siblings are growing up and we’ve had fun these past few days. Our neighbours gave us homemade kimchi (probably because we shovelled in front of their house) and it’s amazing. There’s still a lot to do even though it’s Friday now. Since I’m feeling decidedly under the weather and I am writing this post past 1AM, I am not going out tomorrow regardless. This way I can hopefully recuperate and do some more planning work. Maybe actually draw. For now though, I sleep. See you next time.

Jupiter and the Moon.

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