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This past week has been unbearably hot and forest fire-y, except for Friday when it was dark and rainy. The weather is a mystery. Another mystery, to me, is the way elementary school students act. I can try my hardest to think back to when my sister and I were kids, and read through all my old posts and diaries, but suffice to say, I was not a regular kid. I was not a regular kid by the standards of regularity then, and especially not now. I think I’ve gotten better at not really caring about being regular or not, and using that to my advantage, but that also means that I have no idea how to handle children.

Being able to empathize with them and distract them enough to get work done is different from handling them. Fortunately, it’s not my job to teach or discipline them in any way. I’m kind of like an insider. A spy for both sides. I can understand adults and translate them into words that kids can get, and I can offer insight into the mind of a child… but I don’t know how to un-spoil a child, for example. I am not a therapist or a parent, and I do not plan to be.

Anyway, elementary schools are so weird. Especially because I attended this one. Sure, it was just two years, but I met some weird people there (some of them are still my friends now, so it’s okay to call them weird) and also some really great teachers. I graduated from elementary 10 years ago, which is incredibly difficult for me to wrap my head around. I genuinely though I wouldn’t live that long. I remember the Grade 7 Graduation Ceremony more than my high school one, and I didn’t go to my undergrad one.

Somewhat living vicariously through these kids.

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