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Yes, I’ve given up on being on time. I’ve had a pretty bad headache the last few days and have been as weaksauce as they come lately. Anyway, update time:

  1. We (the sibling unit) have finished 鹤唳华亭. At the end of the 60+12 episodes, during the second-to-last scene of the final episode, there was a good ten minutes where we were all crying. That’s some good stuff (this has never happened before, us crying in tandem). We stayed up late the day before our parents came home and it was truly an Experience. The last 20 or so episodes we consumed alongside copious amounts of snacks and meals and tissues.
  2. The siblings have also gone back to school. I don’t really recall either grade 6 or 2nd year all that well, which is probably for the better (if there was a better or worse) (unnecessarily pedantic).
  3. I have found 2 new possible interests since the last update. I want to try:
    • Learning literary Chinese.
    • Building little dollhouses/Lego sets.
  4. I kind of forgot to draw for a week. I suddenly have forgotten how to draw and how to visualize.
  5. I didn’t get to think more about the whole 白夜追凶 universe thing I wanted to write about since I got Distracted (as I tend to, disappointingly), but hey, apparently the second part is Actually Going to Happen. I firmly believe in the xpls that believes it will film next year. I probably won’t be able to take it if it’s bad, but at this point, I’m pretty desperate. Maybe a QST will appear, I don’t know. I doubt it, but you never know.

Alright. I guess that’s all for now. This is a part of life that I never imagined making it to (post-undergrad). To be honest, I expected to die before reaching 20, so this is pretty cool.

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