extreme lethargy

立夏 。

I have survived! I have been at home for about a week and have gained (back) 5 pounds. Other than thought, I’ve just been recuperating. I noticed that I have quite a few bad habits born from the anxiety-ridden state I have been existing in for the past year. I’m hoping time will make everything better, but in the meantime I’ll live out my hermit dreams at home. It feels weird to be doing nothing. The pace is so off all of a sudden.

Anyway, I’m gonna hibernate this entire summer and maybe regain some of my will to live and zest for life. It’s been real cold lately, so the hibernation is Real. My brother’s still going to school (because Grade 5) so my schedule is somewhat affected by his. I’m really hoping my mental state shapens up soon… until then, see you later.

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