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The title is a metaphor, this image is a conglomeration of everything I talk about below, and I need a nap.

Time just keeps passing faster, it seems. I’ve completed a lot of schoolwork since last post, and that’s pretty much about it. Not much else happened, which is probably for the better.

Last Wednesday I went to the AGO with some friends to visit the Warhol exhibit (since I had free tickets). It was underwhelming and I guess I should have expected that considering this is a large contemporary art gallery and the audience is the general public, not pretentious art/art history students. Anyway, I had a good time regardless. Even if the exhibit itself wasn’t great (mostly regarding the wall labels and presentation), I enjoyed getting to see, in-person, the pieces we’ve been discussing since first year. Like, this piece is something someone over half a century ago created, pored over. The work itself has been through more, seen more than I can imagine. People I’ve read about in books have touched it, contributed to it, inspired it. All that, but mostly the act of creation. I’ve tried to create things before, too. What a fascinating feeling.

I’m still not the biggest Warhol fan, but it was cool. I wanted to see the Matthew Wong exhibit, but ran out of time since I had class after. I got an iced coffee and went to my thesis class (quintessential uni art student?). I was quite annoying, and probably talked too much. I have no grasp on what is an appropriate amount of talking and what is an appropriate amount of silence (internally), since to me it seems as if I never shut up. Maybe other people think I’m okay. I have made an enemy already, which is kind of sad (for me). Sometimes I’m aware I come a bit rude, but it’s hard to have time for tact when the point of the discussion is progress and criticism. So… I guess… it’s fine?

Anyway. I’ll end this post around here, since I have other things I should be writing instead. School has been very stressful, in part because I am 100% more extra than before… I mentioned it before in the last post, but I am having fun, finally, and I want to do well. Maybe in yet another misguided attempt to be recognized. But it’s fun! My religion/philosophy class is entering the Nietzsche weeks, which is funny because I have a copy of the book we have to read; my writing class allows us to write in pretty much any format we like (which I am taking advantage of); and I guess above all else… it’s nice to have supportive friends who care about my interests and my past-present-future.

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