白夜追凶。Forgot which episode, though.

Nothing of importance this time. It’s a remarkably warm summer this year, and I have have survived mostly by laying down around the house and wearing as few pieces of clothing as possible while remaining somewhat presentable/decent. My class is almost done, thankfully. Having one class is equivalent to… having none, to be honest. Soon we return to the Grind, which is something I am both dreading and anticipating with some degree of excitement (possibly). Well, we’ll see.

The Hanged Monk, Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes.

I went to the art gallery with my brother around the time of the last post, and there were a few of Goya’s prints (disasters of war) on display. While waiting for my brother to emerge from the washroom, I went back to the prints. I didn’t come up with any fully-formed thoughts, but I really liked looking at them. Then I found a picture in one of the many folders on my computer [where I save pictures I find pretty] that matched. It’s a very transparent (surface-level) connection, but honestly I was just surprised I had more than one picture of a hanging man. I could probably spend a couple of days just sorting and resorting the media I collect into random categories and then justifying them. This type of organization I find fun. Conversely, I hate doing things like packing and unpacking… which are all things I Must Do Soon.

Anyway, lots to do as usual. Until then.


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