Do You Wonder. . . ?

Do you think that you’re living someones dream? For example, a young lady wants to be a teacher of grade 10’s. A real grade 10 teacher might want to live a life as someone who lives a peaceful, quiet life. What if someone dreamed of a life like yours? Take a while to think. What if someone lived in your dream life? You’ve probably never thought of it. So that means you have to take care of yourself. You might even meet the person who’s dreaming of a life like yours. Treasure yourself!

Take good care,

That is a life tip. I think.


  1. Vivienne

    Hi Gracie,

    I got your blog’s link from fromchinatousa site.

    You have wonderful thoughts! I decide to write a comment ‘coz I saw you complained in another post that nobody writes you something here.

    Keep up the good work. And I encourage you to write more and express your gratitude of life and people. You will make an influence on others!

  2. Xing Yi Shen

    I can’t imagine a girl of nine can write such lines. Great!

  3. sunrise

    Hi sweet girl,

    I think you’re not only sweet but also wisdom. I like you even more now. Keep your posting, please!


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