Life Tips about Life I

What kind of perspective do you have about life? What is the meaning of ‘life’? Okay, not so literally, but what does it represent? I think life is a chance to see God’s gift, his ‘world’. And some people have shorter lives because they had a good life, so God makes a space for more different people, or people that need a second chance in life because they have a shorter one earlier, and so on. So maybe God has a book; a guestbook, a mortality book, name book, whatever. And when people get second chances, I mean they get to be a different person, so they become geniuses(e.g. Albert Einstein; maybe a guy who was born millions of times so he knows life! Or maybe he is a very smart kid at school right now!) My mom says that to make the most of each day, but what with the thing that the person who says it ruins your perfectly good mood(no offense, mom). Alright, more in part II. And I will tell you about my Christmas soon. -see ya

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