My Journey to Downtown:D

Hey people! Did you like my newest story? I do! Also, I had to get a new passport. Well, actually, everyone but Gloria did. So, we went to Downtown Vancouver. Oh yeah, if you want a summary of the adventure, go to Gloria’s Blog. Here is my journey:
I took a Skytrain to Waterfront, then we “arrived” at Sinclair Centre, which I don’t like, cause it’s a big, empty space. And I found a tiny washroom to make myself feel better. . . no details to that! Anyway, after the washroom incident, we looked at a very colourful map and we found the passport place which is called “Passport Canada”. We did the things we needed to do (you know, show the passport information, pictures, etc. Oh yeah, and. . . ), then we got our “ticket” and we sat in the rows of chairs and. . . we waited for 45 minutes, I think. Good thing I brought books, and my mom had the DS. Then we went to get the passport stuff. And I said I wanted to go home, BUT. . . .that was only the beginning of a memorable journey.
We went near the Seawall! Okay, not a big accomplishment but still! And then we saw the 5 flag thingy, and a huge ship (to me, anyway). Then we go attracted to some art. Which I think is the Vancouver University of Art or something. We saw a statue made from sand (the sand statue was a picture of the sea underwater) and a “digital orca whale”! It was made out of black and white blocks. And some grey ones. Oh, and I saw the exterior Olympic torch lighting place. When you look closely, though, the “ice” it seems to be made out of, is actually glass with “cracks”. My mom told me that the torch thingy lights up at night. I knew that because at the bottom of each ice/glass thingy, there is a light. One of the torch thing that I saw was fuchsia-coloured. And on the other side of the place was a blue raindrop shaped thing. After, we got hungry, so we went to Waterfront Centre. We checked out some cool things and a hotel connected to it. Then we finally got to the food court. We could’ve chose anything in the food court, but we chose Tim Hortons. My mom chose a Ham Swiss sandwich combo, which included a doughnut and a drink. My mom chose brown, toasted bread and coffee with no sugar, just cream. The doughnut was for Gloria, who chose a chocolate one with coconut pieces. She also got apple juice. I then got a Canadian Maple, which is like a holeless doughnut with cream instead of a hole, and maple frosting on top. Delicious! Just in case we were hungry after, I bought 10 Timbits. Then. . . .
We went to the Skytrain station and we went home. On one line, Gloria and I got to sit at the beginning! But it was too loud, so I resumed my old seat. When we got to the ‘Brentwood Town Centre ‘station, we started walking home. Near the mall, it was hotter, so we went in the mall. Inside, my mom sat down with the I-pod Touch, so Gloria and I checked out the kittens. I even saw one fart!:P Then we finally headed home. when we got home, I found out I had a welt-like thing on my heel! I must’ve walked too much.
Then for dessert, I had the Timbits. MMmm!
(New Record! 582 words!)

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