My B-Day

My birthday was good. Coco and Andy came over and I showed them some stuff. After, Fertancy and her sister came and we ate. Then Emily. When Paulina and her sister Linda didn’t come, we called them and they came. We ate chips and cupcakes(I made them!!). We also watched a Barbie movie. Then they went home.
Coco and Andy stayed for dinner. Then we went to Costco for a while, then we went to Jerry’s apartment. We helped the grown ups for a while, then we went home. We then went to Coco’s house(she was still with us). Her parents weren’t home, so we stayed at her house. When her parents came back, my parents helped them. Then I finally went home. At about 12:00, we ate my birthday cheesecake(Just my family.). Awesome birthday, right? Thing was, I forgot it was my birthday!
Now that I’m 1o, I can enjoy summer. If you want to know about Canada Day, go to my sister’s blog. Have fun!

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  1. paulina :)

    i was shopping! i totally forgot sorry

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