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I’m supposedly on vacation, but at this point of my life a vacation just means not going to school, so I’m actually still doing a bunch of other things. So I’m in China, just kind of wandering around until my parents and siblings get here. Also, I realize that I don’t need a lot of things to survive… but I still manage to have a lot of things (namely medicine and creams).

Anyway, a funny thing to note is that at workplace A, I am the tiny child being babysat and occasionally given a task to do, and also being fed ice cream on a daily basis. At place B, I’m the oldest of the bunch and despite having an absolutely disgusting English accent, am taken quite seriously when I do my jobs. Either way, I’m still an outlier to the average and a bit awkward. But I’m a firm believer in doing the best I can wherever I go, so I figure that as long as I’m watching out for myself, then it’s fine. I can only account for myself, I have no say in how others perceive me, weird things happen irl, etc.

Well, it’s pointless to complain when I’m on vacation. The next 2 weeks I’m still definitely busy. After that, I’ll really be on vacation-vacation (and can regress into my actual degenerate form). I mean, I’ve been sleeping before 11pm all this week… I really don’t know who I am anymore. It’s probably because I get up at 6:30am, but anyway. Not the point.

In other news: I miss my siblings. And my parents. It’s me vs the Extended Family right now, and it’d sure be nice if the rest of my family could be here to suffer as well. :’D

To be honest, it does suck to be the only one of my generation (not even my age group) here right now. I’ve no one to do touristy things with. Of course I can go by myself, but sometimes it’s more fun to have a companion.

Anyway. I’m off to sleep. See ya around.



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  1. davidyin

    I believe you did very well in Shanghai. Not just in the workplace, but also as a representative of us.
    I hope it is not too tough for you to walk alone in Shanghai street. Actually, when I am about your little brother’s age. I went to the grandparent’s house and told them that I need a walk. They will let me walk through the narrow lanes in the small streets alone. Most of the time, I took about one hour to discover as far as possible. Then one more hour back. It was fun for me when I am eight.
    We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

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