Report Card(Term II)and stuff

On my report card, I basically got the same grades as last term. Cause I still have 4 A’s, 4 B’s, and 2 C+’s. But in different places(some of them). My teacher gave us a test, and it turned out to be a April Fool’s joke! Only Graham(Grade 5) did everything right.

Also , my class is doing a Pink Shirt Day thingy. It’s about No Bullying. The story is that a high school dude was wearing a pink shirt to school, and bullies teased him. So the next day, two dudes went to a dollar store and bought as many pink shirts as possible and gave them to people to wear. The next day, more than half the school were wearing pink shirts. My class and my little buddy’s class are making posters to encourage people to wear pink shirts.

Happy April Fool’s Day and Happy Easter!

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