My Book Report II

Today (Thursday, Apr.22.), I did my book report. I mean, presented. I got 9/10!!! Last time I got a 8/10. It’s really hard for me because I’m still shy.

My goal is to not be shy anymore. My strategies are:
In Class
1.Answer more questions in class.
2.Be more involved in class discussions.
3.Do more book reports.
At Home
1.Practice book reports.
2.Say Hi to guests.
3.Not be embarassed when I do something in front of everyone(Once I made a talent show with Coco. Her mom took pictures, too.).
For Both(and other places):
1.Be more outgoing.
2.Help people when they need it(well, you do need to speak up, right?).

My sister’s personal goal is to write properly.
Someone else wants to skate more/better.

Writing soon, Grace
P.S. We all have goals (I think.). So what’s yours?

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  1. Xing Yi Shen

    I’m sure you will be outgoing.

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