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Before I begin, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
OK, book reports are also in book reviews now. That’s all.
Introduction: The title is the title up there, and the title of one of the many stories in it is here: Chinese Cinderella(West China). This is a treasury of stories from China and Tibet; I suppose they have been modified as children stories to put into the treasury.

Characters: The chief, the stepmother, the stepsister, the girl, the king, and the fish.

There was a chief who had a beautiful, clever daughter. Her mother had died earlier, and the new stepmother hated her. But the daughter met a red fish and she gave it food, and they became friends. The stepmother tried to see the fish but she couldn’t and killed it. when the girl realized that the bones of the fish could make any wish come true, she used it and got most of what she wanted, including a blue gown and golden slippers to wear to the festival. When her stepsister and stepmother realized she was there, she ran home, losing a slipper, and soon, the King found the shoes owner, and the girl and the King married, and she brought the bones of the fish. The greedy King found out the secret of the bones, used it, and lost the treasure all together.

My Opinion: It is a very interesting story, but it is sort of plain for a Chinese legend, so I give this story 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.

OTHER STUFF: I would recommend it for a project(The book and the story)
The Lesson: Nothing obvious; I think it is not to be greedy(like the King), and keep up the good work, good will be with you soon(like the girl).

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